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The Ark Brothers

Content coming soon…


Content coming soon…

About the Author

A U.S. Marine veteran, solo-pianist, photographer, journalist, and more. Read about the author here.

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Listen to James's piano music, which includes several of his own original compositions, as well as cover songs from some of his favorite composers and pianists.

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A Weekly Riddle

Mind and body lost long ago, Yet I continue on a path of much fame. Many want me to about face And return from whence I came. Yet, some would simply stop me, Hoping that I’ll help their cause. But none can stand before me, I break and ruin and bring to light their flaws.…

A Weekly Riddle

North is north, and south is south, But east is west, and west is east. I can guide you through the waters of old, Yet few today would recognize my mold. I depict a thing of great beauty, A blanket of sorts to cover the dreamy. But if one were to draw in my folds,…

Chapter 1: The Initiation

The soft hum of tires on the wet roadway filled Joseph Ark’s head as he entered the city of Ellsworth, Maine. It was the only sound to distract from the silence of the 2 am drive, and it wore at his ability to stay awake. The small city was quiet, the only signs of movement…